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 Featured white papers

Data quality, definedDiscover the meaning of "data quality," along with the five core dimensions of quality data. This white paper also guides you through both the data monitoring and the refinery processes.

RML and RFM scoringThe best predictor of future donor behavior is past donor behavior. This white paper reveals two powerful scoring techniques that you can leverage to extract predictions from your data.

Who really knows enterprise dataThis white paper illustrates an all-too-typical enterprise-based decision making scenario, one that shows the pitfalls of making decisions using business intelligence based on faulty data and processes.

Understanding data miningData mining is a technology that can help you make sense of your available information. This white paper begins by defining business intelligence (BI) as it relates to data mining. Additionally, the paper details each step of the data mining process, highlighting the key factors necessary for successful data mining.

Decision support relies on quality dataDecision support is less effective when it lacks the foundation of properly-conditioned data. Read this white paper to learn the importance of data conditioning and the key questions to ask yourself to check how well you understand your data.

The benefits of virtualizationThis white paper defines virtualization, explains the two basic forms of virtualization and presents some of the tangible benefits of adopting virtualization.

Disaster recoveryWhile you may not be able to predict when disasters will occur in your IT system, you can put in place a backup and recovery plan to protect your company's data assets. This white paper reveals four data-protection strategies you can adopt today.

Securing your mobile workforceLearn about the five steps you must take to protect your business from having its private data compromised. This white paper presents tangible solutions you can put in place immediately to defend your mobile workforce's equipment and data.


 The Qbase approach

Data quality assuranceQbase can help your organization find new and effective ways to prepare for and resolve data quality challenges. This paper walks you through our unique five-step data cleansing process, which we tailor to the distinctive circumstances and requirements of each organization.

Strategic data supportActing as a strategic data partner, Qbase helps Program Management Offices (PMOs) leverage data into a truly strategic asset. Qbase plays a key role in each of the five principle areas explained in this document.



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