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Qbase develops proprietary data management tools, including Qbase Data Discovery™ and Qbase Data Transformer™, to help you understand and improve your data. Qbase data analytics reveal new ways to drive revenue and increase profits. Our web-based applications and high throughput computing solutions can be custom-designed to solve your most complex data problems. Our IT solutions and consulting services help keep you proactive.

Qbase technologies and experts answer questions such as:

Can I analyze my data without installing expensive software?

Where do I get a reliable high-throughput computing platform?

How can I handle massive amounts of data?

Can I decrease the time and expense of aggregating data?

How do I solve my complex technological challenges?

Where can I find experienced engineers to work for me onsite?

Qbase teams with you to rapidly analyze, cleanse and convert your data into any format, transforming your data into useable intelligence. Our technologists can successfully integrate data housed on multiple, disparate databases and transform your data into a powerful predictive decision support tool.

Gold Certified Partners represent the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies, and have the closest working relationship with Microsoft.

Qbase technologies


Geo-enable your data – map information to geography.


Qbase-MetaCarta solutions are driven by a unique technology that combines powerful geographic search with traditional text/keyword search so you can find content about a place and view the results on a map. It allows intelligence analysts, mission planners, and law enforcement agents to instantly find documents from massive collections simply by zooming a map into their geographic area of interest. The Qbase-MetaCarta Platform sits between unstructured content and maps to enable efficient access to intelligence such as military message traffic, web pages, blogs, Internet/OSINT, file shares, databases, and content management systems. For more information on Qbase-MetaCarta, click here.



Understand and improve the quality of your data.

Qbase Data Discovery™

Accurate and fast, Qbase Data Discovery reveals useful information about your database in a detailed audit. It quickly performs a field-by-field analysis, resulting in a detailed view of what data is included, what is incorrectly formatted, and what is missing. Qbase Data Discovery reads data from a variety of sources, including delimited text files, Excel worksheets, fixed field text, databases and structured binary files.

Qbase Data Transformer™

Our powerful data-mapping and conversion tool takes data from multiple, disparate sources, and then applies customizable business rules to condition and transform data to any format on any computing platform.

Cleansing and standardizing data

Clean and consistent data makes all future uses of the database faster, more valuable, and saves you money. Qbase technologists identify and fix incorrect and inconsistent data. We also integrate multiple databases. This process de-duplicates multiple entries while saving unique data.

Data appends

Learn more about the customers in your database by adding relevant information. Qbase can append your data with a range of demographic, psychographic and wealth indicators, giving you insight into your most profitable customers and prospects.


Reveal new ways to drive revenue and increase profits.

Qbase Analytics

By providing a detailed view of your database, Qbase can reveal new ways to drive revenue and increase profits through retaining and enhancing the value of existing customers or donors and winning back former customers. With robust tools that get your database in shape and up to date, Qbase solutions give your data a workout to boost customer retention and acquisition. Whether identifying your most valuable customers or evaluating sales channels, Qbase uses data enhancement and analytics to help you reach more of the right people with the right strategy.


Powerful, intuitive applications available from anywhere, anytime.

Qbase SensorPlex™

SensorPlex is a high-throughput computing application that is also hosted on the web for easy access by team members at different geographic locations. By logging into a URL, multiple teams can work effectively on the same project simultaneously.

Qbase Information Platform (QIP)™

The Qbase Information Platform is a task-based application specifically designed to quickly process and display operational business intelligence. Features include benchmarking, key performance indicators and ad hoc,
real-time reporting. QIP accepts data from multiple sources, collates the data and maintains it in a master repository.


Innovative technologies for processing huge data sets.

Qbase SensorPlex™

Our high throughput computing solution increases throughput of large data sets by leveraging cluster-aware, simultaneously-executing applications capable of processing petabytes of data. SensorPlex processes raw sensor data into usable products by utilizing parallelized Graphic Processing Units and multi-core Central Processing Units interconnected via a custom-designed high speed, low latency network. Qbase SensorPlex is a web-based application.

Qbase Layered Sensing Database

Our high performance database easily processes and presents massive amounts of data from numerous layered sensor feeds. Interactive touch-table technology allows multiple users to view and collaborate on the same multi-layer, simultaneous, static and dynamic data feeds.


Networking, data center, IT architecture and outsourcing solutions.

Qbase Data Center

Qbase’s Data Center is a state-of-the-art data hosting and storage facility that secures and protects your organization’s valuable data. Power, cooling, security and monitoring are all managed at the Data Center by our dependable and experienced team.

Qbase Online Backup and Recovery and Managed IT Services

Qbase Online Backup and Recovery gives your organization a simple, reliable and secure solution for backing up data from any Internet connection. Qbase Managed IT Services provide affordable IT management and support to any size organization. From monthly service contracts with reduced rates, to full- or part-time IT outsourcing, to seamless—and essential—installation of data, voice and video cabling for your network, Qbase IT Solutions offers a variety of service contract choices.

Visit our IT Solutions page to learn more about our full set of solutions.



Put your data to work to increase your bottom line.

Strategic and Tactical Planning

Qbase experts work alongside your staff to develop plans that effectively implement software and hardware solutions for maximum results.



  Our state-of-the-art technologies and facilities, couple with our industry-leading technology team, help you successfully meet the demands of any size data processing or data management project.  

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